One of us - Jedna z nás


The project One of Us (Jedna z nás/Jeden z nás) is an art project of Jana Stepanova. Please direct any questions, words of criticism or words of praise to this email address: If you expect a reply, please explicitly say so in your message. The reply will be sent within 30 days.

I would like to thank everyone who got excited about my new project and helped me to make it happen.

to great models: Jakub, Veronika, Markéta, Nikola, Michal, Lenka, Káča and Jirka, my daughter Mira and her grand-mother Laďka, Tonda Krč for his photo-studio, to curators Jiří Machalický, Tamara Moyzes, Zuzana Štefková and Míša Spružinová, to web-programmer Tomáš Miškovský, Aleš Rumpel from Mezipatra, Robert Šalanda and Ondřej Polák from NoD Prague and to many others. Big thanks to Jana Bedáňová for english translation.

I would like to particularly thank Fenomen Multimedia, a.s., for creating this great website and for eternal patience with me and my project, which were received from Tomáš Miškovský, the company’s owner.