One of us - Jedna z nás

About this project

A man or a woman?
The basic information according to which we split people that we meet into categories. At a first glance, within few seconds, we can tell. Are you also (so readily) sure?

Is it for me?
How do we distinguish (at a first glance) between the person we like and that could be potentially “one of us” and the person before whom we don’t want to make a silly faux pas? We are most likely not going to ask: “Madam, are you straight or gay?” Sexual orientation is not something written on our foreheads…or is it?

Play and guess!
To be able to tell women and men with “our” sexual orientation in the crowd is easy after all. All of us do it and need only few seconds to do so. Sometimes a look into someone’s face, sometimes a silhouette, gesture, or voice pitch is enough for us to be utterly sure about this basic information.
Do others share my opinion or does it significantly differ?
Why not trying to vote and compete with others?

How to take part and have fun?
You can vote in three different categories where you can make a guess at which person does not belong to the category (these are real people). You vote will be added to the already-received votes and you can display up-to-date provisional results right after you cast your vote. You can also see how many people already took part in the voting. By clicking “Next Category” button or using the menu “Poll” in the right column, you can enter the next poll category.

Voting by SMS and on the website
You can vote either by SMS or directly here at
By sending SMS to 907 99 09 in the format CODE(space)XX, (where XX is the code number of each person, e.g. 1A), you cast 1 vote for your favourite. Your vote will also show at in the given category. This SMS is charged 9.00 CZK incl. VAT. You will receive a delivery report. You can vote once every hour.

Part of the profit will be used as a support of the Prague cultural festival Jiný pohled / Queer Eye.

The SMS service operator is Raketa, phone information line: +420 774 603 066.
The cost of a sent SMS is 9.00 CZK incl. VAT. Technical responsibility for the service: Axima spol.s r.o., information line,